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[#877] package review service

2004-09-08 16:11
Submitted By:
Simon Strandgaard (neoneye)
Assigned To:
Nobody (None)
package review service

Detailed description
I sometimes think about reviewing other peoples packages, how do they work, are they robust, what interesting stuff
do they contain, is the package ready for the public, etc..  I would like to write some text about these issues but
I don't know where to put it.

It would be really nice if such service were a part of gforge. So that the reviewer can give different ratings for it.

I have attached an example review of a non-existing game lib for ruby.

It would be nice if one could browse the reviews, to better locate the most popular.. and stuff.

Thanks for rubyforge.

Simon Strandgaard

I began digging into Gamelib 1.1 when I saw the RickDangerous clone.
The graphics and sounds were awesome. I wanted to make my own game with it.
I chose to make a Giana Sisters clone.
The documention were virtually non-existing, however the library is very 
well documented and heavily unittested.. so its actually better than much 
of the documentation I have seen around for other packages.
One drawback I discovered was its limited support for mouse-wheels.. I hope this issue gets resolved.. it would then
be a very impressive lib.

documentation:   4 out of 5
robustness:      5 out of 5
code style:      3 out of 5
platforms:       all
impression:      5 out of 5

reviewed 8 september 2004 by Simon Strandgaard

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