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[#742] value of books

2004-07-20 07:47
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Book properties
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value of books

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Would it be possible to get $ value of books. Would be helpful for
insurance purposes.

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Date: 2012-01-08 22:50
Sender: John Doe

I second.  This would be helpful when I would like to sell certain
books.  Thank you.
Date: 2005-08-25 14:47
Sender: Nobody

First off, excellent program! I have been looking for something
like this for a very long time, and haven't been satisfied with
commercial Windows versions that are obviously built on top of
Microsoft Access.

As for this request, this would be an awesome addition!

The book value would be in two parts: the first is the publisher's
list price, which should be easy to obtain from an existing provider.
The second value could be either a static value entered by the
user, or a range value pulled from various used-book providers
(abebooks.com, alibris.com, addall.com, or other used-book
aggregator). This part could be more difficult to code since
the value could be a range, mean value, median value, etc. I'd
prefer a high-low range, selected from a provider, but I'd be
happy with a publisher's list and static value to start with.

This request can be linked with #514, Add More Fields.

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