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[#6081] Add option to specify no SCM when registering a new project.

2006-10-10 03:53
Submitted By:
Robert Hahn (roberthahn)
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Nobody (None)
Interface Improvements (example)
Add option to specify no SCM when registering a new project.

Detailed description
When registering a new project on Rubyforge, the last question on the registration page requires that I select either
SVN or CVS. Unfortunately, neither option is useful or relevant for me because I used darcs as the SCM for my project.
I therefore do not believe that answering this question should be mandatory.  Could you consider adding an option for
"no SCM" to that question please?

Thank you

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Date: 2008-11-18 10:59
Sender: 7rans 

Simply ignore it then when you get your project, turn off the
SCM feature under Admin/Edit Public Info.

If you think this is important enough, I would submit a feature
request to GForge project (on which Rubyforge is based).
Date: 2008-04-09 01:36
Sender: Dr Nic Williams

Additionally, perhaps the SCM page could be editable so that
if your SCM is hosted elsewhere (and the rubyforge project is
just for upload rubygems etc) then you can specify the details
on this page.

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