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[#5070] file upload functionality and object-ids

2006-07-15 09:53
Submitted By:
Matthias Tarasiewicz (parasew)
Assigned To:
Chris Wanstrath (defunkt)
file upload functionality and object-ids

Detailed description
wouldn't it be great to have file upload functionality in ozimodo?
actually every post-type could get a button or something, so a file could be attached (like in typo)

one thing that always bugged me in wordpress, movabletype and most other blogs (except manila) was, that files could
not be uploaded and included anywhere in the whole system, via a simple meta-syntax.
manila has that, you can upload a picture for example, assign it an unique-id and refer to the picture via {{objectname}}
anywhere, to display it.
see also my post to the wordpress list on that topic

my suggestion for ozimodo would be:

* create another tab in the admin, that says files
* files can be uploaded and assigned an unique name
* all uploaded files can be listed/deleted/viewed in the files tab
* anywhere in a post, a file can be added (via the {{objectname}} or via dropdown) 

what do you think? 

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Date: 2006-07-15 20:56
Sender: Chris Wanstrath

Dayne is finishing up an image upload plugin, so who knows...
maybe some of its code could also be used for posting files.

If you have any implementation ideas, please post them.  

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