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[#382] pre-submitted feature-requests for new projects

2004-02-25 17:35
Submitted By:
Simon Strandgaard (neoneye)
Assigned To:
Tom Copeland (tom)
pre-submitted feature-requests for new projects

Detailed description
I have seen many projects which doesn't have any homepage (even though there is a link to their homepage). I guess its
because the project owner doesn't know how to upload? or maybe is too lazy?

However a minimal project should at least have a homepage.

Which got me thinking... what if there right from the start, already were submitted a feature-request of a homepage?

Ideas for other pre-submitted feature requests
*  register project in trove.
*  disable public access to part which isn't in use.

Sometimes I wish I had time to submit such request with project I have interest in, but I am too lazy myself :-(


Simon Strandgaard

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Date: 2008-11-23 03:27
Sender: 7rans 

A better default page would be nice. Something big an bold. Of
course, a "smart" default could look for doc/index.html
or doc/rdoc/index.html in the scm and post it up. But short of
that, some instructions on uploading ones site would be a good
thing to add to the default page.
Date: 2004-02-25 19:34
Sender: Tom Copeland

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That's an excellent idea.  I've been reminding people to register
in trove, but an automatically added feature request would be
much better.

Hm.  How to implement this?  Maybe via the GForge SOAP API...


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