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[#25681] Adding HTML Clipboard Format support to win32-clipboard

2009-04-26 14:30
Submitted By:
Park Heesob (phasis68)
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Park Heesob (phasis68)
Adding HTML Clipboard Format support to win32-clipboard

Detailed description
Adding HTML Clipboard Format support to win32-clipboard would be helpful.

Windows supports a clipboard format called "HTML Format". This format allows various fragments of html formatted
text to be copy and pasted between applications. The overview about this format is [1].

UltraEdit has this feature as well as Word, Excel. You can copy some fragment of Web browser and paste HTML source to
UltraEdit by special pasting menu.

There are C# implementation[2] and Python implementation[3] for reference.

[1] http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms649015(VS.85).aspx
[2] http://blogs.msdn.com/jmstall/pages/sample-code-html-clipboard.aspx
[3] http://code.activestate.com/recipes/474121/


Park Heesob

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Date: 2014-01-10 16:28
Sender: Daniel Berger

Implemented in the latest version in the git repo, and will be
pushed out as part of the 0.6.0 release.

No, I did not forget! :)
Date: 2010-03-21 20:52
Sender: John Allen

For anyone else who may wander onto this page, I already have
some code to do the HTML Copy-to-Clipboard if you need it now
rather than the official code later: http://johnallen.us/?p=289
Date: 2009-05-01 14:42
Sender: Daniel Berger

I've got the code submitted to the mailing list in CVS (slightly
modified). I'm currently debating whether to keep a separate
HtmlClipboard class or just integrate it into the main clipboard.rb
file. I'm now leaning towards the latter.

Date: 2009-04-27 05:11
Sender: Daniel Berger

Looks like a good idea. :)


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