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[#24869] yaml files contain too much data (c.f. #19555)

2009-03-25 16:09
Submitted By:
Alexander Ninnig (ninnig)
Assigned To:
Cathal Mc Ginley (cathalmagus)
Library Manager
yaml files contain too much data (c.f. #19555)

Detailed description

I use Alexandria version 0.6.3 with Ubuntu 8.04.

Sometimes, yaml-files contain too much data. Those files are much bigger, than usual files (sometimes more than 100kb).
Opening them (with a normal editor) shows, that right after "library:" one can find "&id001
!seq:Alexandria::Library" followed by lots of lots of content of other yaml-files. At the end, the correct endig
of the suspected file is shown.

So, it's like

Book101, line 1
Book101, line 2
Book101, line 3
  Book1 all lines
  Book2 all lines
  Book3 all lines
Book101, line 4
Book101, last line

No problem to fix it manually; I just open the yaml-files, that are way too big and cut out the wrong data (always beetween
"library:" and "loaned: false").

As I said, not really a problem for me, but I wanted to give you a feedback, in case this bug isn't known.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell WHEN this happens.

Thanks for this piece of software,


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Date: 2009-03-25 18:47
Sender: Cathal Mc Ginley

I've attached a script which *should* fix these corrupted files.

Back up your whole .alexandria directory first, then read the
instructions at the top of the script. Try it on a single YAML
file to start with, then run the script without parameters to
fix all the YAML files.

Please, let me know if it works.

PS: I noticed that Alexandria crashed when I tried to
start it with your example corrupted YAML file in "My
Library"; but after you fix the data, it might be a good
time to upgrade :^)

Date: 2009-03-25 17:39
Sender: Cathal Mc Ginley

This looks like a duplicate of #19555

If you read that report, you'll it's due to an issue with the
data format changing (briefly) between 0.6.2 and 0.6.3

Thanks for uploading a sample file, I can now work on resolving
the issue programmatically. I can probably work up a script for
"cleaning" your YAML files.

By the way, there is a later release -, but it hasn't
made its way out to Alexandria's PPA yet.

Attached Files:

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9783506238009.yaml yaml-file with too much content Download
fix_yaml.rb Script to fix corrupted YAML files Download


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