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[#21349] A bunch of cleanup for Ruby/DBI

2008-07-26 05:35
Submitted By:
Erik Hollensbe (erikh)
Assigned To:
Tom Copeland (tom)
A bunch of cleanup for Ruby/DBI

Detailed description
This project has seen a lot of admins in the past and is showing its age.

I have a few things that I've wanted done for a while. Certainly no rush.

SCM: git; blow away the CVS repo, I have an archive, the git repo I will replace it with contains it anyways, and it's
hardly relevant anymore. There was no cvs-to-git category :)

Mailing lists: There are a few mailing lists that had the subscribe pages defaced when I got the project. I removed
these lists about 5 months ago, but I don't believe they were actually removed - the namespaces are still taken.

They all start with ruby-dbi-*. If they're not in the current list for the project, please remove them.

Finally, if it's possible, move the ruby-dbi-devel-new list (which is in the current list) to ruby-dbi-devel. If it's
not too much trouble, an alias from ruby-dbi-devel-new to ruby-dbi-devel would be greatly appreciated so existing subscribers
can post to the list without issue.

I imagine these are odd requests. Thanks.

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Date: 2008-08-01 01:49
Sender: Erik Hollensbe

Feel free to add me to that list. I'd love to help.
Date: 2008-08-01 01:33
Sender: Tom Copeland

Hi Erik -

Hehe, thanks for the note!  It's very kind... especially as I've
been dragging my feet on RubyForge stuff lately.  I think I'm
going to send some emails to some folks who have offered
to help...


Date: 2008-07-30 00:40
Sender: Erik Hollensbe

Thanks again!

BTW, in case you were wondering if your efforts were

( 17:30:30      erikh ) TOM IS AWESOME
( 17:30:36      erikh ) really, tom, I love you
( 17:30:42      erikh ) and this is probably your cue to
call the cops
( 17:32:30  imperator ) erikh, dbi2 out yet? ;)
( 17:34:04      erikh ) coming soon
( 17:34:30      erikh ) imperator2: tom just moved the
project to git and is housecleaning the lists
( 17:34:32    drbrain ) tom copeland? yeah
( 17:34:37    drbrain ) I owe him beer
( 17:34:44      erikh ) the man is a saint
( 17:34:47    drbrain ) everybody owes him beer
Date: 2008-07-30 00:26
Sender: Tom Copeland

Hi Eric -

Howdy!  OK, let's see... there's an empty Git repo there now:

Let me leave this open while I check on the mailing lists,



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