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[#2044] automatic documentation from gems

2005-06-18 20:26
Submitted By:
Eric Mahurin (eric_mahurin)
Assigned To:
Nobody (None)
automatic documentation from gems

Detailed description
For gem distributions, it would be nice if the documentation became automatically available for every release.  One
way to accomplish this would be to have a machine with all gems installed and incrementally install upon every upload.
A gemserver could serve all the documentation or you could just have links from the rubyforge project directly to the
html (preferred).

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Date: 2007-05-08 10:03
Sender: Tom Copeland

Weird!  Ah well.  OK, cool,


Date: 2007-05-08 08:15
Sender: Martin Kihlgren

Uh I cant see the button :O Weird..

Anyway, the URL I entered before
(http://troja.ath.cx/~zond/files/gem2rdoc.rb) still works :)

Date: 2007-05-08 03:18
Sender: Tom Copeland

Hi Martin -

Hm, yup, I bet you're right, we probably can't run the tests
without doing a gem install.

Also, I think you can attach a file to this item... isn't there
a "Check to Upload & Attach File" checkbox at the
bottom of the item?


Date: 2007-05-07 07:12
Sender: Martin Kihlgren

I have no idea, I just wanted to give some assistance with this
ticket that I care about :)

Anyway, running the unit tests shouldnt be an option for you,
if you dont want to install the gem?
Date: 2007-05-07 01:53
Sender: Tom Copeland

Hm, isn't Eric Hodel or Ryan Davis or someone working on a project
that does this and also runs all the gem unit tests?  I can't
remember what the project name or site is, unfortunately....

Date: 2007-05-05 12:57
Sender: Martin Kihlgren

Waafh? No way to attach files to the ticket? :O

Download it from http://troja.ath.cx/~zond/files/gem2rdoc.rb
Date: 2007-05-05 12:56
Sender: Martin Kihlgren

I have created a script, gem2rdoc.rb, that generates rdoc from
a gem, according to the Gem::Specification and into a given

I attach it to this ticket, hoping that it makes it possible
(and easy) for you to close this ticket as fixed :)

What it does (which is evident from the tiny piece of code it
is :) is unpack the gem (a tar file), unpack the contained data
into a tmp directory, unpack the contained metadata YAML to get
the rdoc options from the gem, then run rdoc generating docs
to the given directory, and then delete the tmp directory.
Date: 2006-11-12 23:13
Sender: Martin Kihlgren

i agree - i would really like this feature.
Date: 2005-06-19 00:20
Sender: Tom Copeland

Hi Eric -

It sounds pretty cool to me!  

If you get a chance, maybe you could check with the RubyGem guys
to see how hard doing a "generate docs for this gem"
option would be?  That way we could do this on RubyForge without
installing every gem...



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