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[#18185] instiki uses up gobs of memory

2008-02-19 02:19
Submitted By:
Luke Plant (spookylukey)
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Nobody (None)
instiki uses up gobs of memory

Detailed description
After using instiki for a while, more and more memory is used up, and from the way my disk started swapping, it seems
like each request starts to use up *increasingly* more memory (though I think that was an illusion caused by increasing
slowness).  When I worked out what was happening, the ruby process was using 958 Mb.  Which seems rather excessive for
a simple wiki.

I'm not the only one:


I'm using 0.12.

Some simple tests show that instiki uses more memory for every new page that is seen, usually about 1-5 Mb more, which
is just crazy.  It even consumes a small amount of memory for showing pages that have been seen before.  For instiki
to be usable, it's resource usage ought to max out very quickly and then consume *zero* more memory per request.

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Date: 2008-02-19 15:46
Sender: Luke Plant

Actually, my last comment is incorrect.  After a lot more 
usage, memory has gone up to 400+ Mb, and it is back to 
its old trick of using 1-5 more Mb for every request, so 
even with '-e production' you have a denial of service 
Date: 2008-02-19 14:34
Sender: Luke Plant

OK, if I run like this: 

./instiki.rb -e production

...then I get something more sensible (stabilises at about 
50 Mb, which is still rather large, but doesn't seem to 
keep growing).  

I can't believe this option is not the default.  Finding 
this option wasn't at all obvious -- 
doing './instiki --help' doesn't actually work as 
advertised, you have to do './instiki.rb --help'.  The 
instructions never mention this anywhere, so 'out of the 
box' you've got a denial of service situation.

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