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[#16903] Missing "Login must be lowercase" text on activation page

2008-01-07 17:28
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Robert Olson (aleran)
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Nobody (None)
Interface (example)
Missing "Login must be lowercase" text on activation page

Detailed description
The Login page for RubyForge contains this text:

"Login Name (all letters must be lowercase):"

After clicking the activation link in a new account email the user is taken to verify.php where they must login. Unlike
the login page this page simply asks for a login name and does not specify that all the letters must be lowercase. This
caught me up for a while when I was trying to login for the first time and was not aware of the all letters must be
lowercase requirement.

So the fix is adding the same text that is on the login page to the verify page.

On a side note why does RubyForge require that the login name must be entered in all lowercase? Why not simply convert
it after it is entered?

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