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[#14747] Enterprisy extentions to vlad...

2007-10-15 23:15
Submitted By:
Michael Welles (mlwelles)
Assigned To:
John Barnette (jbarnette)
Enterprisy extentions to vlad...

Detailed description

I've been using Vlad as a basis for some infrastructural work at my employers.  Besides the project having the best
name ever, it really has been a pleasure to work with.

Along the way I've found myself defining a series of tasks seem like they might be of use in other contexts.  By way
of 'thank you' for vlad, I took a little time to try and normalize them and gem them up.   I'm waiting on the word as
to the rubyforge registration, but in the meantime, attached is the gem.

Very much rough around the edges still.  I hope not too horrible. 


   by Michael L. Welles
A series of packages to help using Vlad The Deployer to manage 
the mess that is your average "enterprisy".

Currently consists of the following:

* Vlad the Translator 
* Vlad the Environmentalist
* Vlad the DBA
* Vlad the Xen Master
* Management of heterogenious enironments, dynamic discovery and
  flexible handling of remote host types.

* Support of multiple environments and subenvironments, multiple
  projects withing an environemnt

* Automation of common, time consuming, dba tasks, like installing,
  syncronizing and bringing up new mysql slave instances.

* Beginnings of automation for xen image creation and management.

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Date: 2009-03-12 18:19
Sender: Michael Welles

Sure, that'd be great.  The latest release was 0.2.0, on Jan
8 '08:


It's a little dusty, too.   Let me know what I can do to help.
Nice to see vlad
getting some TLC.

Date: 2009-03-07 01:00
Sender: Ryan Davis

Hey... I'm dusting off vlad, finally... wanna do something to
merge these?

I looooove the name. I don't think we want to mess that up ;)

where are you at on enterprisey these days?
Date: 2007-10-15 23:23
Sender: Michael Welles

Agg, sorry for posting to "bugs", wasn't
my intention....

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VladTheEnterprising-0.1.3.gem Vlad The Enterprising Download


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