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[#10485] The confirmation link is confusing as it is case sensitive

2007-05-01 06:44
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Daevid Vincent (dae51d)
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Nobody (None)
The confirmation link is confusing as it is case sensitive

Detailed description
This email I got was extremely confusing and frustrating. The first thing that is confusing is the _ in the hash. in
my email client, it looks like a space, since the link is already underlined. the even MORE frustrating this is that
you show my username in _lowercase_ when I registered with it in UPPERCASE. What's worse, is that it *is* case sensitive
when you click the hash link. So I tried over and over with DAE51D and kept being denied access, yet, I could recover
my password and also "login" (which then says I'm pending) with the UPPERCASE 'DAE51D'.

I think the email should just be a verification and not require the login. this is how many other sites do it. you click
the link, and you're golden. no re-logging in or any of that crap.


Thank you for registering on the RubyForge web site. You have
account with username dae51d created for you. In order
to complete your registration, visit the following url: 


(If you don't see any URL above, it is likely due to a bug in your mail client.
Use one below, but make sure it is entered as the single line.)


Enjoy the site.

-- the RubyForge staff

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Please login


Date: 2010-08-17 17:33
Sender: Daniel Hoelbling

I had the same problem. The problem is that the verification
login requires a lowercase username, I registered with a uppercase
username so I was denied access (mind you, normal login with
uppercase username works)
Date: 2007-05-01 09:44
Sender: Tom Copeland

Hello Daevid -

Sorry to hear that you had a frustrating experience.  Yup, GForge
lowercases the username that you enter, so that's why it's lowercased
in the email.



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