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14017rb_iter_break does not take a value* 2007-09-17 20:03NobodyPaul Brannan
14028rb_eval_string_protect crashes in Ruby 1.9* 2007-09-18 02:36Yukihiro MatsumotoSean O'Neil
14102Float#to_i gives incorrect sign in x86_64_linux* 2007-09-20 10:02Shyouhei UrabeJavier Goizueta
14104threaded and forked select with timeout is impacted by system time change* 2007-09-20 12:04Yukihiro MatsumotoRobert Williams
14117pathname.absolute? always false for Windows-style paths* 2007-09-20 21:27Eric HodelJim Hughes
14146`ri Kernel#open` Bug* 2007-09-22 02:18Eric HodelJames Gray
14271BigDecimal("0.00005").round == 1* 2007-09-27 11:21Akinori MUSHAJano Svitok
14273ruby.h should include version.h* 2007-09-27 13:00NobodyPaul Brannan
14306enumerator.rewind documentation has enumerator.next? in call sequence* 2007-09-28 19:18Eric HodelDavid Flanagan
14380IP v6 support not enabled on windows box with ipv6 stack* 2007-10-02 17:49Usaku Nakamuraolivier levon
14436Global last-error variable, now read-only, causes an error in e2mmap* 2007-10-04 13:18Yukihiro MatsumotoRon Leisti
14438[PATCH] DRb should wait for childs to stop instead of killing them* 2007-10-04 13:59Akinori MUSHA
14525Add check for xti.h to configure and socket.c* 2007-10-07 23:14NobodyAndrew Thompson
14540Bug: Numeric#divmod calculates wrongly* 2007-10-08 10:47Shyouhei UrabeDirk Traulsen
14557Class method definition is not thread safe* 2007-10-08 18:26Shyouhei UrabeRoger Pack
14558Data from one socket may find its way to another socket [sockets not thread safe]* 2007-10-08 18:29Akinori MUSHARoger Pack
14565Receiving binary data through system command broken and inconsistent on Windows.* 2007-10-08 22:33Shyouhei UrabeGavin Kistner
14570What is XSD::XMLParser::XMLParser::XML and why isn't it found?* 2007-10-09 01:55Akinori MUSHAHasan Diwan
14590Trying to use wildcard w/ Rails ActiveRecord, wildcards (i.e. "%") with Bind generates SQL syntax Error* 2007-10-09 19:08Akinori MUSHABruce Hodo
14593irb doesn't handle long (500+ chars) pastes correctly. 512th (?) character is dropped silently* 2007-10-09 20:21NobodyRick Hull
14644fileutils: mv command failed to move dir that contains symlink from nfs* 2007-10-11 21:54Akinori MUSHAVitalie Lazu
14666Net::HTTP#request sends body before receiving 100 Continue* 2007-10-12 19:58Akinori MUSHATim Olsen
14873`sprintf': negative allocation size (or too big) (NoMemoryError)* 2007-10-19 10:40NobodyMark Somerville
14937Ruby mail doesn't correctly recognize POP3 mail line endings* 2007-10-22 06:11Akinori MUSHAMichael Wimble
14979Reverse lookup using Socket.gethostbyname is broken* 2007-10-23 06:34Akinori MUSHALucas Nussbaum
15048Wrap error in rexml/formatters/pretty.rb* 2007-10-25 14:48Shyouhei UrabeKris Nuttycombe
15052Kernel.syscall bug* 2007-10-25 18:49Shyouhei Urabepouik pouik
15108Some of BigDecimal rounding modes are incorrectly defined* 2007-10-27 13:49Shyouhei UrabeJavier Goizueta
15168Matrix#determinant broken when mathn is not required* 2007-10-29 22:12Akinori MUSHALucas Nussbaum
15186IRB quits abruptly after the user enters a non-ascii character* 2007-10-30 12:14NobodyAlexander Mikhailian
15206REXML::Node#to_s() gives NameError* 2007-10-30 17:24Akinori MUSHATim Olsen
15213Autload does not use standard require method* 2007-10-30 21:57Akinori MUSHA7rans
15272strftime lacks documentation about %V* 2007-11-01 21:57Eric HodelJohan Rylander
15310OpenURI should provide an option to not validate certificates for https * 2007-11-03 03:50Akinori MUSHADaniel Milne
15359File.read doesn't include newlines at the end* 2007-11-05 16:19Shyouhei UrabeRoger Pack
15390Patch to bypass ssl verification with open-uri* 2007-11-06 14:22Akinori MUSHADusty Doris
15425Leak with regexp in method with no local vars.* 2007-11-07 18:14Shyouhei Urabe
15467IO::syswrite positions to invalid file offset.* 2007-11-08 21:50Akinori MUSHAKrzysztof Wrzalik
15481DateTime and Time #== function broken* 2007-11-09 06:44Shyouhei Urabechendo chendo
15498Clarifying Array#fetch IndexError message for negative index* 2007-11-09 17:36Shyouhei UrabeKelly McCauley
15517URI.parse fails on HTML style numeric encodings* 2007-11-10 03:43Akinori MUSHACarl Leiby
15677[patch] autoconf changes needed for uClibc stdio* 2007-11-16 15:38Akinori MUSHABrian Candler
15679CGI.rb still uses KCODE* 2007-11-16 16:32Yukihiro MatsumotoDave Thomas
15684Signal(CLD) appears not to work* 2007-11-16 21:27Yukihiro MatsumotoDave Thomas
15688xsd libraries still use KCODE* 2007-11-16 22:52Yukihiro MatsumotoDave Thomas
15689rexml libraries use deprecated Hash#index* 2007-11-16 23:47Yukihiro MatsumotoDave Thomas
15690pty seems to be broken* 2007-11-16 23:51Yukihiro MatsumotoDave Thomas
16039-r debug hangs on OS/X* 2007-11-30 19:39NobodyDave Thomas
16049Performance* 2007-12-02 09:41Shyouhei UrabePascal BERNARD
16076undefined local variable 'output' in rexml/element.rb:write (684)* 2007-12-03 18:46Shyouhei UrabeJason Young
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