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11346webrick fails to set close-on-exec flag on sockets* 2007-06-04 12:19Akinori MUSHAValentin Vidic
11371floating point rounding errors* 2007-06-05 17:07Akinori MUSHARoger Pack
11391[PATCH] ri_formatter.rb fails when 'ri' is asked for item with long label* 2007-06-06 10:51Eric HodelMariusz Pękala
11507SVN 1.8.6 has thread support broken* 2007-06-11 18:42Akinori MUSHASylvain Joyeux
11510first eight bytes of regular expression overwritten with garbage; oniguruma x64 issue?* 2007-06-11 21:55Yukihiro MatsumotoBen Crowell
11524net/ftp: failed download creates empty file* 2007-06-12 10:05Akinori MUSHARonald Fischer
11558mutex memory leak* 2007-06-13 21:05Akinori MUSHARoger Pack
11568pp outputs unevalable strings* 2007-06-14 07:41NobodyRyan Davis
11587Socket.eof blocks all threads* 2007-06-15 01:54Akinori MUSHAcarlos monteiro ribeiro
11652Release Notes contain wrong information about bug reporting* 2007-06-18 12:43Eric HodelRonald Fischer
11653net/ftp and mysql thread problem* 2007-06-18 12:48Akinori MUSHARonald Fischer
11654Multipart requests (file uploads) in class CGI: threshold of 10 KB cannot be changed* 2007-06-18 13:00Akinori MUSHABart Meyers
11725GeoOptLong acts directly and only on ARGV* 2007-06-20 22:21Yukihiro Matsumoto7rans
11773Segmentation Fault For ActiveRecord Object Cloneing* 2007-06-22 15:13Shyouhei UrabeRaghu Kumar
11792unicode regexp ignorecase bug* 2007-06-23 09:10Shyouhei UrabeGeorge Novinenko
11795Arity bug and possible signo bug in SignalException.new* 2007-06-23 12:48Shyouhei UrabeDaniel Berger
11859GC will SIGSEGV if the free function of a data object * 2007-06-26 16:57Shyouhei UrabeSylvain Joyeux
11980Timeout doesn't work correctly under windows when executing complex regexp* 2007-07-03 16:36NobodyYuanyi Zhang
12030IO's readpartial is broken when ruby is compiled using uClibc* 2007-07-05 23:32Akinori MUSHAEric Young
12173BigDecimal.to_yaml doesn't save state* 2007-07-10 22:48why the lucky stiff Uwe Kubosch
12250links to methods ending in ? broken* 2007-07-13 08:57Eric HodelRyan Davis
12265ri Module#module_function lies about args* 2007-07-13 21:26Eric HodelRyan Davis
12267test_thread failure* 2007-07-14 02:04Shyouhei UrabeHasan Diwan
12304Regexp.escape documentation gives incorrect example* 2007-07-15 18:50Eric HodelChris Wilson
12371REXML mangles attributes containing entities* 2007-07-18 13:50Akinori MUSHAMark Buda
12544Unblock() method for Queue & SizedQueue* 2007-07-24 14:15Akinori MUSHAGary McGhee
12606String#crypt default random salt* 2007-07-26 20:59Akinori MUSHA7rans
12675comment for rb_ary_flatten function (file array.c) typo* 2007-07-30 03:54Eric HodelVajrasky Kok
12761Yaml doesn't load large DateTimes* 2007-08-02 02:27why the lucky stiff Paul McMahon
12795Patch for documentation for Dir::glob* 2007-08-03 04:47Eric HodelTim Harper
12811TCPSocket.new raises Errno::EAFNOSUPPORT regardless of the actual error* 2007-08-04 09:54Akinori MUSHASylvain Joyeux
12847class Module in lib/yaml/tag.rb removes Module from RDoc HTML documentation output* 2007-08-06 11:44Eric HodelClinton Forbes
12868irb parsing problem with single quote delimited strings* 2007-08-07 08:50NobodyRonald Fischer
13026File::SEPARATOR should be "\\" on windows* 2007-08-13 17:14Shyouhei UrabeScott Jacobsen
13181tracer.rb should not print source lines from binary files* 2007-08-18 15:54NobodyPaul Brannan
13320Float::MIN should be a negative number* 2007-08-23 23:42Shyouhei UrabeRafael Walter
13329prototype wrong for rb_iterate in README.EXT* 2007-08-24 13:31Eric HodelPaul Brannan
13352Missing documentation for GDBM* 2007-08-25 08:25Eric HodelSteve N/A
13460Scheduling problem on backward date change* 2007-08-28 14:04Yukihiro Matsumoto
13504URI.parse() won't properly parse some non-qualified hostnames* 2007-08-29 22:07Shyouhei UrabeAndrew Beers
13527CGI::unescapeHTML doesn't properly handle chars that are >= 128 and < 256 when $KCODE = 'UTF8'* 2007-08-30 15:22Shyouhei UrabePaul Haddad
13581[ ] bracket problem* 2007-09-01 18:23NobodyNurmurat Gurbanliyev
13694pstore.rb:354: [BUG] Segmentation fault ruby 1.8.6 (2007-03-13) [x86_64-linux]* 2007-09-05 17:32NobodyDustin Tosh
13838expose TAG_ macros as part of the public API* 2007-09-11 11:12Yukihiro MatsumotoPaul Brannan
13850net/http.rb send_request_with_body_stream fails on changing files* 2007-09-11 16:18Akinori MUSHAChris Wilson
13851ipaddr class missing address_mask function* 2007-09-11 16:42Shyouhei UrabeBart ten Brinke
13908join loose information about encoding* 2007-09-13 22:10Yukihiro MatsumotoEugene Pimenov
13935`rdoc -v` is out of date* 2007-09-14 18:58Eric HodelJoel VanderWerf
13936rdoc doesn't build index correctly when some files are up to date* 2007-09-14 19:12Eric HodelJoel VanderWerf
13974[PATCH] Adding (?{ code }) support into ruby with oniguruma.* 2007-09-16 05:09Shyouhei UrabeJordan Sissel
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