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4618incorrect default behavior "n/a" for missing entry-author in atom feeds* 2006-05-31 01:23NobodyJason May
6487Language conversion error* 2006-11-04 14:04NobodyNobody
7264Correct substitution of numerical entities.* 2006-12-14 00:34NobodyDaniel Rodríguez Troitiño
14456CDATA around links makes them nil* 2007-10-04 21:30NobodyNobody
17195Infinite loop on autodiscovered_url * 2008-01-18 05:41NobodyNobody
17879FeedTools 0.2.28 uses but doesn't define sanitize_html* 2008-02-08 01:28NobodyJeffrey Taylor
19168Character escaping in URL* 2008-03-28 23:56NobodyMiroslav Skultety
19334Documentation: README is unclear about how to use it as a plugin* 2008-04-06 19:41NobodyAlex Chaffee
19581Atom content type html is hard-wired* 2008-04-16 11:18NobodyIan Dickinson
19582Check for redistribution is in the wrong place* 2008-04-16 11:46NobodyIan Dickinson
20029feed_updater install doesn't work with rails 2.0.2 and rubygems 1.1.1* 2008-05-08 11:25NobodySergio Cambra
20047Cached feeds doesn't work when they are not utf-8 encoded* 2008-05-09 09:01NobodySergio Cambra
20050Fetch default feed list in feed_updater doesn't work* 2008-05-09 10:14NobodySergio Cambra
27804Encoding errors under Ruby 1.9.1 - uri_helper.rb* 2010-02-09 22:54NobodyTim Littlemore
28075enclosure_media_text is not always a string* 2010-04-08 22:49NobodyJorge Campos
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