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8862Lists do not allow 3 character indention* 2007-02-25 02:20Andrea CensiScott Eversol
14084maruku_recover does not honor :on_error setting* 2007-09-19 23:21Andrea CensiDaniel Azuma
14834option --pdf fails on Windows platform* 2007-10-18 08:46Andrea CensiNobody
18215Inline attribute lists do not work inside div's* 2008-02-19 20:52Andrea CensiOleg Ivanov
18650Generating more files, outputs only one, and the wrong one.* 2008-03-06 14:33Andrea CensiDemetrios Kyriakis
18651Bad doctype for generated html files* 2008-03-06 14:37Andrea CensiDemetrios Kyriakis
18968Parsing of anything on unicode non-ASCII lines is broken* 2008-03-20 18:29NobodyOleg Ivanov
18971Email obfuscation is non-functional, solution (patch) suggested* 2008-03-20 22:51NobodyOleg Ivanov
18972Generated id attributes are invalid for non-ASCII sources in Unicode systems* 2008-03-20 23:14Andrea CensiOleg Ivanov
21420Smart quotes don't play well with inline markup* 2008-08-02 11:47Andrea Censielliott cable
21455list items are wrapped in <P>* 2008-08-06 14:16Andrea CensiKyle Cordes
21735Links with non-HTTP protocol at begining of lines mistaken for HTML* 2008-08-29 23:16NobodyNobody
21737not recognizing DIV syntax?* 2008-08-30 07:25Andrea CensiMichael Franzl
22109bug in maruku with single-element nested unordered list* 2008-09-21 07:39NobodyChad Woolley
23137div markup doesn't allow proper IALs. Patch proposed.* 2008-12-08 10:46NobodyAlexandr Mankuta
23846Deep lists fail unless they're paragraphed* 2009-02-07 22:02Andrea CensiNobody
23866Some errors are always piped to stderr* 2009-02-09 23:31NobodyNobody
23867Errors should be formatted centrally in MaRuKu::Errors* 2009-02-09 23:34NobodyNobody
23898Simple links fail to parse on Ruby 1.9.1* 2009-02-12 16:08Andrea CensiNobody
23924Parsing of umlauts in <a> tags* 2009-02-14 15:50Andrea CensiMichael Franzl
23929Words with single quotes fail to parse on Ruby 1.9.0* 2009-02-14 23:20Andrea CensiAggelos Orfanakos
24360Parsing is incorrect if document starts with HTML tag* 2009-03-06 20:06NobodyArtem Vasiliev
25921Problem with XML tags with namespace in Ruby 1.9.1* 2009-05-15 17:12Andrea CensiThomas Leitner
26191Maruku crashes on perfectly valid markdown* 2009-06-10 21:05NobodySindre Aarsaether
28169Can't have two <script> tags back to back* 2010-05-03 19:13NobodyPaul Tarjan
28620in-line HTML markup seems to upset ordered lists* 2010-10-04 20:18Andrea CensiNeil Stockbridge
29129Cannot set class of DT/DD elements* 2011-04-14 02:23NobodyBoris D
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