[Yui4rails-discuss] Yui4Rails upgraded to 2.5.1

Marty Haught mghaught at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 19:07:17 EDT 2008

I've just upgraded the plugin to YUI 2.5.1 and have applied Bryan
Donovan's datatable patch.  Several of you have contacted me on how to
take things forward.  In effort to make things a bit easier I've made
a git repository of the plugin that is cloned off the RubyForge svn
repo.  You can find it here:

We've got some new components that we've been developing lately.
Carousel, lightbox and tooltip are close to being ready.  One thing
that has come up from this is that we've got some limitations with the
current approach of including dependencies.  I'm working on a new
prototype that would ease this pain and output much nicer html/script
tags.  The basic idea is that you would add a helper method in the
head section of you layouts.  Later on, as you need a component you
simply invoke its helper method and the rest is handled for you.  I'm
going to try this out with a prototype to make sure everything works

We also need to discuss design philosophies on how to develop new
components to make sure the plugin is cohesive.  The other important
thing is to have this plugin well tested.  While the nature of js
based widgets makes testing incredibly difficult, I think we can
provide some test coverage for how our helpers operate.  I'll try to
expand on this in another email/blog post in the future.  For now I
want to get this plugin to a good place where we can start building
components, creating documentation and making the plugin


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