[Yarv-devel] [ANN] YARV 0.3.0

SASADA Koichi ko1 at atdot.net
Mon Aug 15 05:44:01 EDT 2005


I'm very glad to announce the release of YARV 0.3.0.

This version includes Ruby source code (2005-08-13) and merged with
YARV.  So you can experience Rite :)  For example, you can't find
"rb_eval()" in "eval.c".

Homepage: http://www.atdot.net/yarv/
tar ball: http://www.atdot.net/yarv/yarv-0.3.0.tar.gz

* only "miniruby" was built
* no "ext/" libraries
* no "lib/" libraries
* no thread support
* no many many schemes
* many legacy codes are remained

// SASADA Koichi at atdot dot net

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