[wxruby-users] distributing and application

Maximilian Bräutigam max-braeu at gmx.de
Mon Jun 7 02:43:59 EDT 2010

Am 07.06.2010 07:42, schrieb Sergio Ruiz:
> i am currently looking into GUI libraries for cross platform ruby
> development. the question i have is.. if i use wxRuby to develop my
> application, how do i distribute it? is there a way that i can package
> it up for SIMPLE consumption by osx/lin/win users?
> my development platform is osx..
> thanks!

hi sergio,

for windows user i'm producing a simple exe file using rubyscript2exe.
This exe file contains all dependencies, interpreter, wx stuff etc.


I can remember, that i modified the script due to a bug i forgot, but i
attached the file that i'm using.

for linux in conjunction with the package managers it is (to my mind)
not too intelligent to produce an exe file, because such an exe file
needs to be extracted and that takes some (unnecessary) seconds.

a bit more userfriendly in my opinion is the installation of
ruby-gnome2, not on linux, but on windows. refer to:


kind regards,
der max
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