[wxruby-users] LoadError: No such file to load -- wx

Alex Fenton alex at pressure.to
Wed Jul 1 11:30:41 EDT 2009

Michael Satterwhite wrote:
> I have a program written with wxruby. If I try to execute it with
>    timeclock.rb
> I get the error "`gem_original_require': no such file to load -- wx
> (LoadError)"
> If I run it with
>    ruby timeclock.rb
> it runs correctly. I *AM* aware of the need to load rubygems. Therefore
> in my program, I have the explicit statements:
>    require 'rubygems'
>    require 'wx'
> As a result, I'm not sure what could be the problem. Can anyone offer
> any help?

Do you have multiple different versions of Ruby installed on your 
system, one with wxRuby installed, and one without? Perhaps the ruby 
being used when you invoke it the first way (timeclock.rb) isn't the 
same as the ruby in PATH - what's the shebang line?


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