[Wxruby-users] Wx::Grid Questions ...

Shashank Date sdate at everestkc.net
Fri Nov 19 19:40:00 EST 2004

Nick wrote:

> It's all a bit confusing due to the number of licences involved. 
> Here's my understanding of commercialization:
> 1) The ruby licence is semi-gpl, but it allows for binary ruby 
> releases as long as you (a) include the libraries that come along, or 
> (b) rename the executable so it won't be confused with the real ruby.

And what about the regex library which is still GPL (soon to be replaced 
with Oniguruma)? If I have to release the app before the replacement 
becomes mainstream, will I be able to compile it myself into ruby and 
then build my app, thereby escaping the issue?

> 2) The wxWidgets licence is the very liberal, and basically allows 
> distribution in binary form without the need to open up the 
> application's source.  There are two small caveats: using TIFF's or 
> using JPEG. See the Gotcha's section of the wxruby licence.

OK ... that will not bother me since I do not use TIFF's/JPEGs.

> 3) I *thought* Keven had changed the licence to something MIT based, 
> but I don't see a mention of it in the licence file.

Hmmm ... I will wait for Kevin to respond.

> So long story short, wxRuby is allowed in commercial apps.

Good to know.  Is there some ritual we will have to perform to keep the 
law sharks at bay, like getting it approved from a copyright lawyer or 
some such?


> Nick

-- Shashank

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