[Wxruby-users] New non-cvs repository of wxruby code is available

Kevin Smith wxRuby at qualitycode.com
Sun Dec 7 20:42:12 EST 2003

As I have mentioned on this list before, my goal is to switch entirely 
away from CVS for managing the wxRuby source code. CVS is fundamentally 
broken in several ways, including:

- Each developer needs write access to contribute effectively
- Tagging and branching are weak
- Checkins are file-based instead of patchset-based
- Moving files or directories loses the history

For me, the first one is a disaster. It is just too difficult to manage 
a distributed project with multiple developers while using a tool that 
enforces centralized control, and works poorly with collaboration.

After exploring the "modern" version control systems, I have decided 
that darcs is the best fit for my needs. Each of the other systems 
(arch, monotone, subversion, metaCVS, OpenCM) had at least one problem 
that made it unworkable. If you want details, please email me off-list.

The darcs website is:

Now, darcs is not perfect. The biggest problem is that the MS Windows 
version is not completely polished yet. But I am confident that this 
will be fixed soon. Also, it is not yet at a 1.0 release. But it is 
quite stable, and I have been using it myself for several weeks now.

If you want to try darcs, I encourage you to wait at least until the 
0.9.15 release becomes official, which should be in the next few days. 
Also, if you do plan to use darcs with wxruby, please contact me 
off-list so I can help you learn how to use it quickly and easily.

For now, I will maintain wxruby in both the old CVS repository and in a 
new darcs repository. Within the next few months, I expect to abandon 
the CVS repository. I will give plenty of warning before that happens.

I am currently hosting the wxruby darcs repository on my own web site. 
Later, I plan to host it at rubyforge. Here is the current url where I 
am maintaining the wxruby darcs repository:

If anyone is in a panic about this, please let me know. I see it as a 
great step forward for wxruby, and for free software development in general.


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