[wxruby-development] Webkit?

Alex Fenton alex at pressure.to
Mon Dec 7 11:22:53 EST 2009

Alex MacCaw wrote:
> Are there any plans to hook up wxruby to webkit (there are already wx 
> bindings to webkit).
> Or anybody want to team up with me to do it?

Interested, but no fixed plans at the moment. I did have building the 
Webkit bindings to Wx on OS X about six months, but I couldn't get to 
the end of the compile of Webkit and WxWebkit, let alone trying a ruby 

Actually doing the Ruby wrapper may not be so hard. I'm happy to advise 
on how SWIG etc works within wxRuby - and help with problems - but I'm 
not able to offer much time to actually doing development on Webkit binding.

Have you also seen:


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