[Wtr-general] Watir::Form questions

Warren Pollans warren at meyer-pollans.net
Tue Aug 9 15:13:50 EDT 2005

I would like to be able to use form objects in my tests, but have
become confused - as the questions below will no doubt illustrate.
I have some tests that I've written in perl using www::mechanize that I
would like to port to ruby.

The Watir api docs (rdoc) show the following for Class Watir::Form:

Form Factory object

    * ieController - an instance of an IEController
    * how - symbol - how we access the form
(:name, :id, :index, :action, :method)
    * what - what we use to access the form

1.  what is "IEController"?  is this a part of the watir distribution?
2.  the first argument passed to initialize is "container" - what is
3.  the watir unittests don't use Watir::Form, the formtest calls
ie.form.  what's the connection between the two?  how are a Watir::Form
object and the object returned by ie.form related?

A simple example of the use of Watir::Form would be appreciated.



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