[Wtr-development] A question about Watir from Robin Xuan

兆鹏 宣 robin9257 at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 27 01:40:24 EDT 2011

Hi all:
   I'm a Test Development Engineer in Baidu which is the one of the biggest net companies in Beijing, China, and recently i need to develop a frame about automatic test.
   1) why Fire-watir cannot support Chinese, i try to change the  coded format to set the words in text fields but field at last.....So i want to know whether Firewatir support Chinese format,Thanks
   2)watir-webdriver was based on the Selenium-webdriver, from my perspective, Watir-webdriver can solve any problems about firefox, but in fact , I found some problems when i used watir-webdriver.
     2.1  the function named attach can not be found in watir-webdriver, besides, i have to use windows[x].use to change the current browser, but if the browser'state which i want to attach is loading or interactive, webdriver will wait 60 seconds which is the timout of HTTP protocol of Ruby.
     2.2  because of the difference of performance of computers, so some case written by watir-webdriver cannot be run successfully
          For instance:
             if i want to clear a textfield, so i write "$broser.text_field(:id,"robin").clear" , then i want to set this text_field a value, then i write "$browser.text_field(:id,"robin").set "ABC" " but at last, it will raise a execption which named "Timeout::Error: execution expired" from /Ruby187/lib/1.8/timeout.rb:64:in 'rbuf_fill'



Robin Xuan

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