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Bret Pettichord bret at pettichord.com
Thu Oct 28 22:51:57 EDT 2010

OK, I'm restarting this thread, under a new subject, because it already has
become hopelessly confused.

Charley said something about showModalDialog, and then Zeljko said something
about popups and then then Jarmo said he had something along these lines
that didn't use AutoIt.

We are already talking about completely different things.

1. showModalDialog = Watir#modal_dialog. It is one kind of dialog, that is
only supported by IE. Watir has unique support for this kind of dialog. The
support includes a custom version of win32ole and therefore adds ruby
version dependencies to Watir. Charley understands this, and I thought
Zeljko did in his reply, but now I realize he didn't. Like, I said, the
hardest part about this is terminology. Until we all have confidence that we
understand each other we can't start discussing solutions. showModalDialog
windows include a web page and therefore cannot be handled by Windows-only
tools, such as AutoIt.

2. There are lots of other popups as well, many of which can be handled by
AutoIt. There are recurring discussions about using different libraries etc
to handle them. This is all fine, but has nothing to do with #1.

One of the reasons that Watir users have so much trouble handling dialogs is
because we don't have a scientific language for discussing them.

So I am going to declare that these will henceforth be known, by any one who
wants to be taken seriously by me, as Type 1 and Type 2 dialogs. Now there
are actually a lot of different kinds of Type 2 dialogs, so maybe there are
more. I don't know. I mostly avoid Type 2 dialogs. But I have made a
significant study of Type 1 dialogs. I have seen Type 1 dialogs that spawned
more type 1 dialogs. I have seen type 1 dialogs that contained frames. And I
have found ways to make Watir work with all of them. (Selenium gets quite
lost with them).

I wrote the special version of win32ole to support them and recently
suggested we break this code out into a separate gem.

That was when Jarmo said, "I was thinking of something similar" and
discussed new code for handling type 2 dialogs. This is why I said the most
difficult aspect of what I was proposing (making a separate gem for type 1
dialogs) was finding a suitable name. I said that Zeljko's "watir-popups"
was horrible because i knew it would make people think of type 2 dialogs
(which is exactly what happened faster than even I expected).


On Thu, Oct 28, 2010 at 6:47 AM, Željko Filipin <
zeljko.filipin at wa-research.ch> wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 4:16 PM, Charley Baker <charley.baker at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > I think the only thing holding back from fully recommending
> > the latest of these is showModalDialog
> And if we removed popup support from Watir and created new gem?
> Watir-popups? That does not fix the problem, but it lets people that do not
> need popup support to use newer versions of Ruby.
> Željko
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