[Wtr-development] automatic waiting?

Bret Pettichord bret at pettichord.com
Tue Oct 19 21:06:40 EDT 2010

On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 3:03 PM, Jarmo <jarmo.p at gmail.com> wrote:

> Jari, Charley, Bret and anyone else, what are your thoughts on the
> subject (it would be better if you answered only if you've used Watir
> with AJAX/JavaScript heavy sites where is a need to use wait_until or
> something similar).

I would like to see a proposal, first, for a new method that encapsulates
your entire proposal. I'm seeing lots of interesting ideas and interesting
objections and counter-proposals, so I'm still unclear if there is a crisp
idea in your mind of what you want to do.

This actually sounds like a good use case for Google Wave; too bad it died.

To me, the core scenario is

   browser.element(:attribute, 'value').when_present.click (or set or

By making this a new method, it allows us to focus on exactly how we would
configure the when_present method (how long to wait, wait for visible?
exists? both, other methods, too?). Like i said i would like a clear
proposal on this. Because in itself this raises no issues of compatibility,
it will be easier to reach consensus on what this needs to be to be most

To me you are struggling over the corner cases because you are jumping to
step 2, which would be for Watir to always make calls to when_present. And
do me there is a real question about whether you would always do this or
perhaps only for some/most methods. Also it raises the issue about whether
this level of "implicit" invokation would itself need to be configurable.

The third step would be to talk about deprecation and forcing people to use
this new scheme. To me it is premature to discuss such matters. Typically it
takes us years after new methods are introduced before we can discuss
deprecation and even then there are often many people who stick to the old

I also liked Jari's comments about how much of this might simply be avoided
with proper use of page objects. Personally I always use page objects, but I
don't think this technique is understood by the majority of the Watir
community. Maybe we just need some better writing, explanation in this area.

Or maybe someone should create a page object class/library/gem that itself
includes the automatic waiting functionality that you are proposing. It
might make sense to bundle that with some of the new rspec matchers that
have been discussed here as well.


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