[Wtr-development] about rdoc

Jarmo jarmo.p at gmail.com
Fri Oct 8 04:02:14 EDT 2010


Where's the official place for holding rdoc for watir? I know about
this place - http://wtr.rubyforge.org/rdoc/ There seems to be also
link from watir.com to this. I guess these rdocs need to be created
manually after each release, right?

I have a proposition - ditch these rdocs from the above location and
point documentation links to rubydoc.info instead.

The latest version for watir would be available from
http://rubydoc.info/gems/watir (i'm not sure if it will generate doc
automatically for 1.6.7 unless anyone has selected 1.6.7 from the main
page from rubygems, but it's still better than current solution i

And the older versions could be available from

I'm not sure why the CHANGES file isn't visible from there yet, maybe
gemspecs need some tweaking...


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