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Charley Baker charley.baker at gmail.com
Fri Oct 1 11:33:21 EDT 2010

Answers inline.

On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 9:08 AM, Željko Filipin
<zeljko.filipin at wa-research.ch> wrote:
> I guess I will have a few questions related to source cleanup, so I have
> decided to start a new thread:
> 1) We have licenses all over the place:
> http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master/watir/lib/watir/ie.rb
> http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master/firewatir/LICENSE
> http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master/commonwatir/LICENSE
> http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master/watir/lib/license.rb
> http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master/watir/lib/watir/winClicker.rb
> Should I move it to LICENSE file located in root?

The license holders would be the ones to answer this question - Paul,
Bret and Angrez.

> 2) Should we delete installer folder?
> http://github.com/bret/watir/tree/1.6.5.rc2/watir/installer/

Sounds good, I don't see us using an installer again.

> 3) Should we delete watir-simple?
> http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master/watir/lib/watir/watir_simple.rb

http://jira.openqa.org/browse/WTR-131  I'd suggested moving it to
contrib a long time ago, it might be worth asking on the main list if
anyone uses it. As of now, it's definitely unsupported code.

> 4) Should we delete these files:
> http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master//.project
> http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master//transform-results.xsl
> http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master/commonwatir/.project
> http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master/firewatir/.loadpath
> http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master/firewatir/.project
> http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master/watir/.project
> http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master/watir/unittests/.cvsignore

Yes for everything with the possible exception of the
transform-results.xsl. There are a lot of CI related tasks in the rake
file as well, anyone vote on keeping or deleting these?

> 5) Looks like these files need to be updated:
> http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master/watir/building_watir.txt
> http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master/watir/install_dev_gems.bat
> http://github.com/bret/watir/blob/master/watir/watir_release.txt

These could be deleted as well, the whole process is different now and
much simpler. I suppose I could write a new watir_release doc, it's a
pretty trivial process now to push a release.

> I could do everything except 5)
> Željko
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