[Wtr-development] README file to github!?

Željko Filipin zeljko.filipin at wa-research.ch
Fri Oct 1 05:20:07 EDT 2010

On Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 10:32 PM, Jarmo <jarmo.p at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1) There is only FireWatir examples.

Good point. I will make separate require statements for each supported gem.

> 2) Maybe use hashrocket in locating elements instead of "old"
> comma-style?

I did not know that => is called hashrocket :)

I was thinking about updating docs to use hashrocket syntax but never had
the time.

I have:

- updated both README file and http://watir.com/examples/
- renamed "b" variable to "browser" to make it clear to the new people where
it points to
- removed "full code" section from examples page to make it easier to update
the code, so I do not have to do it three times (already doing it two times,
README file and Examples page)
- removed "Starting a new browser at our site directly" section, I do not
think it is so important that it should be included in the basic examples
- added all watir gems (stable and experimental) to README

Please let me know if you disagree with my changes.

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