[Wtr-development] Watir 2.0 / WebDriver

Jari Bakken jari.bakken at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 15:11:57 EDT 2009

Hi everyone,

I was at GTAC (http://www.gtac.biz) last week and got to meet up with
the WebDriver guys, and have been working on ruby bindings for the
various browsers supported by WebDriver (these bindings run on MRI, no
JRuby needed, although that will work as well). At the moment, I have
working drivers for IE, Google Chrome and the Remote driver, Firefox
should be done in a couple of days, and Opera and mobile browser
support is on the roadmap. The code is up at
http://github.com/jarib/webdriver-rb for now - the plan is to get it
into the main WebDriver tree as soon as possible.

This provides an API very similar to the Java bindings, which works
nicely, but being heavily invested in the Watir API (both as a Watir
user and having written Celerity), I would like to keep using that,
while reaping all the benefits of WebDriver. So my proposal is that
Watir 2.0 should be implemented on top of these ruby bindings. The
benefits of WebDriver are many, and well summed up elsewhere. See this
blog post:


Watir and WebDriver are trying to solve a lot of the same problems.
WebDriver already has great browser support that we would get for
free, making the Watir team able to concentrate on refining our API
instead of duplicating the effort to control all the various browsers.
I think this would be a very good move to make.


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