[Wtr-development] Firewatir on JRuby

Sai Venkatakrishnan saidesertrose2004 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 22:09:38 EST 2008

Hi All, I am attaching the firewatir jruby patch in ths mail. Firewatir is
95% compatible with JRuby and the unit tests are running properly.

Following are the details about the patch and the current status of

1) The patch helps in creating a new instance of firefox when running from
jruby (Browser Finder in JRuby). It is written for Windows and Linux
(Ubuntu)environment. I am working on Mac port also but I have to work with
someone as I don't have mac.

2) Currently there is a problem in the iostring with jruby. So any show
method tests are not included in the test run but manually checking the show
methods are working fine. iostring test throws a stack overflow exception
when run. I need to work more on that to understand what is happening.

3) The unit tests in linux (ubuntu) ran perfect. But when ran on Windows the
tests threw a sporadic error. This happened sometimes because the
read_socket method could not connect with jssh. I need to investigate this
error a bit more as I am not able to pinpoint where the problem is actually
happening. These exceptions don't happen in MRI (Normal Ruby Intrepreter)
test runs. The exception snapshot is attached with this mail.

I have written this patch for firewatir 1.2.1. But I think the browser
launcher will also work for 1.6.2 version.

Please let me know if you need more info or have any questions.  I have
checkout the watir 1.6.2 code just now to my laptop. If you need the patch
made for the current version I can make one and send.

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