[Win32utils-devel] win32-changejournal plans

Daniel Berger djberg96 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 13:32:57 UTC 2014


The win32-changejournal gem is the last gem left to convert to pure Ruby.
Originally I was going to use FFI, but then thought that using OLE would be
both easier and provide more information about the nature of the filesystem

I guess I have two questions.

First, is it fair to continue to call it "win32-changejournal" if we're
monitoring __instanceOperationEvent's? Are those being read from the
journal or is it something else? I couldn't see anything in the
documentation that stated it one way or another.

Second, is there any advantage to a direct FFI port of the current C code?
I started doing that, but I wasn't sure I should continue. If there is,
then I'll abandon the OLE approach and go back to porting the C code. I may
need some help there. :)


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