[Win32utils-devel] Arguments to Service.start()

Sean Karlage sean.karlage at uky.edu
Thu Aug 8 17:01:12 UTC 2013


I'm working on a script utilizing win32-service. Do arguments to
Service.start() have to be strings? Or can they be more complex data types
(e.g. hashes)? I tried passing in hashes but they were not getting passed
to service_main.

Additionally, when I am passing strings, I notice that not all arguments
that I pass actually make it to service_main. For example:

Service.start('ServiceName', nil, 'string1', 'string2')

When I look at the arguments in service_main, they are:

['ServiceName', 'string1']

'string2' never actually makes it to service_main. What might be the cause
of this?


Sean Karlage
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