[Win32utils-devel] Problem with starting service with win32-service

Sean Karlage sean.karlage at uky.edu
Tue Aug 6 17:01:44 UTC 2013

The startup arguments when Service.start() is called are here:

Service.start(SERVICE_NAME, nil, config_path, emails_path)

SERVICE_NAME is a constant defined previously, and config_path and
emails_path are both paths to files that are parsed when the service is
started. When I print out the args to the start method, I get the following:

args = ["ShareCleaner", "C:/Ruby200-x64/bin/sharecleaner.ini"]

These two strings correspond to SERVICE_NAME and config_path.
emails_pathdoesn't show up at all.

On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 5:49 PM, Heesob Park <phasis at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> 2013/8/6 Sean Karlage <sean.karlage at uky.edu>:
> > Having fixed that issue, another has come up (though admittedly, it
> might be
> > a language issue as opposed to win32 issue). I'm passing in two strings
> when
> > the service is started. However, when I look at the args output on the
> log,
> > I only see the name and one of those strings. I thought the splat
> operator
> > would collect all the rest of the arguments into a list, but it doesn't
> > appear to be doing so. Is there something I'm missing?
> >
> What is your startup arguments and what is the content of the log?
> Regards,
> Park Heesob
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