[Win32utils-devel] Github status

Daniel Berger djberg96 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 11:25:54 EST 2010


I've moved all of the Win32Utils project source code from CVS to github.
Look for "djberg96". I'm going to leave the repos on RubyForge for now, but
they shouldn't be touched. From now on please only refer to the github
source. About the only thing left is to get the pure Ruby source for
win32-service uploaded in its own branch.

Feel free to fork these projects. Or, if you'd really like to be added as a
collaborator, please let me know.

There are a few projects you'll find in CVS (if you're really looking) that
you won't find on github:

win32-driveinfo  => Rolled into sys-filesystem
win32-filesystem => Ditto
win32-io         => Now win32-nio
win32-ras        => Never got far into it, and no longer need it

A couple of quick notes about some other Win32Utils projects:


The ffi code is in its own branch. There's a problem interacting with
windows-api at the moment that I need to fix.


The ole code is in its own branch ("ole") for now. It's failing some tests,
so we need to come back to it.


The HTML clipboard support is there, but I haven't released it yet. Still
debating the interface.


In a state of flux at the moment. I need to package it better.

If you have any questions or concerns, please post them here.



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