[Win32utils-devel] building ruby 1.8.7 in windows 64-bit environment?

Peter Pawlowski pawlowski at vivisimo.com
Mon Jun 29 14:39:29 EDT 2009


I'm having difficulty in trying to figure out how to handle building 
ruby in a 64-bit Windows environment.

So far I have been able to build ruby in Windows using nmake on the 
command line. I have played with 1.8.7 and 1.9.1.

Version 1.9.1 seems to support building with a target platform of 64-bit 
Windows, however 1.8.7 does not. So, one possible solution for me is to 
use ruby 1.9.1. The problem is that I need to run rails and some other 
common gems, but these don't seem to support 1.9.1 yet.

I need to compile in 64-bit mode because I am integrating this into a 
much larger software platform that is all built in 64-bit. There isn't 
really a way to work around this.

Can anyone help with an idea of whether or not this is possible?

Or references to information I can find elsewhere?

One thread I was able to find on this mailing list was helpful, pointing 
to the fact that the 64-bit compiler doesn't support __asm directives:


I haven't been able to find much useful information on the web about 
this issue (maybe I'm not searching for the right things?), so any help 
you might be able to provide would be extremely useful.

thanks so much,

Peter Pawlowski

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