[Win32utils-devel] win32-daemon 0.6.1 problem

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> > Well, FFI is supposed to be universal now, though I can't get it to 
> > build on Windows at the moment. So it would be the same code for MRI
> > (1.8 and 1.9) and Jruby.
> >
> In my thought, the current ruby ffi implementation don't care 
> of the Windows support. As far as I know, the ffi developers 
> have no definite plan about releasing of Windows binary. If 
> it were built to binary with mingw compiler, It cannot work 
> with Windows API. It uses dlopen,dlsym and dlclose instead of 
> LoadLibrary,GetProcAddress and FreeLibrary.

That's unfortunate.
> I managed to build MSVC version of ruby ffi-0.2.0 using win32 
> libffi source ported by the Python's ctypes library. You can 
> download ctypes at sourceforge [1].
> What's your thought about implementing ruby-ffi windows 
> version? Is it worthwhile or meaningless?

It's only worthwhile if the other implementations can run it. Otherwise,
I don't see a practical advantage over win32-api. Do you?

Also, do you mean that your version requires Python's ctypes library? Or
do you mean you've ported it to Ruby?


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