[Win32utils-devel] File.exists?("A:") on Windows VM

Daniel Berger djberg96 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 12:59:27 EDT 2009


I've got a Windows XP VM on my OS X box. Whenever I call 
File.exists?("A:") on it I get a system error pop-up box from Windows.

The title of the window is "Windows - No Disk" and the error is 
"Exception Processing Message" followed by some numeric codes.

It's not a huge deal - eventually control returns to the program and it 
returns false as expected once you click on "continue" a couple of times 
- but I was hoping to see this pop-up at all, as it kinda mucks up the 
win32-file test suite.

Note that I don't see this behavior on a 'regular' windows install. Just 
the VM.

Any suggestions as to how to best handle this in a test suite?



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