[Win32utils-devel] Comments for Daniel Berger blog post

Heesob Park phasis at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 21:36:37 EDT 2009

Hi Luis,

2009/8/8 Luis Lavena <luislavena at gmail.com>:
> Hey Daniel,
> You can't impose the platform to anyone, even less in the OpenSource
> community. That's why I've created rake-compiler to help them support
> us.
> Now that FFI builds with RubyInstaller and DevKit, bug and patches can
> be provided by other developers. FFI team announced there will be no
> official support since the core team doesn't run Windows, but that
> doesn't mean they are not fond to integrate these changes.
> Wonder why your negative comment about it or if you haven't heard the
> news about Ruby-ffi 0.4.0 release with native gems for mingw32 and
> mswin32.

I guess I'm the source of the negative comment :)
I'm always watching ruby-ffi and rubyinstaller mailing list. And I
know FFI builds with RubyInstaller and DevKit.
Do you have tried to build ruby-ffi 0.4.0 with mswin32 compiler? I
tried and it failed.
As you now, I have a patched version ruby-ffi-2.0.0 and binary gem.
Porting to mswin32 compiler of GCC oriented project is a pain
especially in system programming.

When I wrote a message on the ruby-ffi forum about the mswin32 patched
version, they just commented that why not try mingw32 version. No one
ever give an interest on my patch.

I guess you dislike mswin32 compiler and have a bias towards ming32.
Recently all your posts are focused on mingw32.

Don't you want to see mswin32 version of Ruby anymore? Would you
summarize why you decide mingw32 version as rubyinstaller platform?


Park Heesob

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