[Win32utils-devel] Creating a clipboard monitor

Daniel Berger djberg96 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 19:29:52 EDT 2009


I see the Win32::Clipboard module has a WaitForChange() method that waits
for a change in the Windows clipboard. I'd like to setup something similar
for the win32-clipboard library, perhaps call it notify_change to match

I looked at the implementation, and it's similar to others I found online.
But, it seems like it ought to be easier. Instead of RegisterClass(),
CreateWindow(), etc, can't we just use the handle of the current process
instead of injecting a new Window into the clipboard chain?

In any case, I'm not having much luck trying to implement this. I did add
some methods to the Windows::Window::Classes module that might be necessary.
Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

In other news, it seems GetWindowLongPtr and SetWindowLongPtr are not
exported by the runtime that ships with the one-click.



PS - It's a shame they don't provide a NotifyChangeClipboard() function to
make life easier. :)

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