[Win32utils-devel] win32-daemon 0.6.1 problem

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>> >
>> In my test, I found two problems in the above demon.rb .
>> First, your environment may has RUBYOPT and raised following error.
>> ruby: no such file to load -- ubygems (LoadError)
> I tried unsetting RUBYOPT on the command line and setting it to nil from
> within the daemon itself, but it still didn't work. I also don't get any
> output to the log file.
>> I have workarounded by modifing "RUBYOPT" to "RUBYOPTX" in
>> ruby.c #755.
> Eep! That seems a bit extreme. I wouldn't think we would need to.
Did you try it? You must have log file of size 0 when the log file does not 
It is a proof of passing RUBYOPT barrier.

>> Second, STDIN.close in demon.rb raise error.
>> In my thought, STDIN.close is just a meaningless code.
> Yeah, it was just me experimenting mostly. Removing it didn't help,
> though.
In Demon's rescue part, try LOG_HANDLE.print instead of puts to print error.

> On a related note, I've been thinking that perhaps Daemon.new should
> take an optional log file. If present, have STDERR and STDOUT reopen on
> that file instead of NUL. It would be the users job to properly close
> the handle in the service_stop method, although perhaps we could setup a
> finalizer.
> Does that sound like a good idea?
It seems a good idea.
Another possible option is using the win32-eventlog instead of the log file.

> Anyway, still no luck with running the Daemon itself. Now that we have
> callbacks working better in win32-api, I'm hoping to revisit the pure
> Ruby Win32::Daemon class again. :)
It would be better to have pure Ruby version.
But in this case, I have success to start Daemon.
You should find out why it fails to work. :)


Park Heesob

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