[Win32utils-devel] Problems with win32-dir and create_junction

Daniel Berger djberg96 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 2 19:53:16 EDT 2008

Heesob Park wrote:
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>>> Do you think we should automatically strip the trailing
>>> "\000\000" in the multi_to_wide method then? I think this
>>> would work because I modified wide_to_multi to automatically
>>> append "\000\000" to the incoming string if they weren't
>>> already there.
>> On second thought, I think that might cause wide character functions to
>> fail.
> I think it would be better to define new method for getting the
> wide_string length
> than to use String#size method.

I have a very alpha "UString" class I've got in CVS (in the "shards" project, 
not win32utils) where I've been tinkering with a Windows-only subclass of 
String. It redefines methods like length, size, etc. I've pasted what I've done 
so far below.

Or do you think that's overkill?



# ustring.rb - ALPHA

class UString < String
    include Windows::Unicode
    include Windows::MSVCRT::String

    VERSION = '0.1.0'

    ACP  = CP_ACP
    UTF7 = CP_UTF7
    UTF8 = CP_UTF8

    attr_accessor :encoding

    alias :at :[]

    def initialize(string, encoding = UTF8)
       ustring = multi_to_wide(string, encoding)
       @encoding = encoding

    def inspect
       wide_to_multi(self, @encoding)

    def to_s
       wide_to_multi(self, @encoding)

    def to_str
       wide_to_multi(self, @encoding)

    # Length in chars
    def length

    # Size in bytes
    def size
       strlen(wide_to_multi(self, @encoding))

    # Returns the character (not the numeric value)
    def [](n)
       wide_to_multi(self, @encoding).at(n, 1)

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