[Win32utils-devel] Making multi_to_wide and wide_to_multi smarter

Berger, Daniel Daniel.Berger at qwest.com
Thu Nov 13 09:50:14 EST 2008


I noticed this:

require 'windows/unicode'
include Windows::Unicode

s = "hello"
s2 = multi_to_wide(s)  # => "h\000e\000l\000l\000o\000\000\000"
s3 = multi_to_wide(s2) # => "h\000\000\000"

I think it would be better to modify multi_to_wide so that it returns
the string as-is if it's already a wide string. Looks like the same
issue exists for multiple calls of wide_to_multi, too.

The case I hit was with win32-file and win32-file-stat, where passing a
wide string to File::Stat.new failed because it was doing its own
multi_to_wide call. The double call caused File::Stat.new to fail.

I _could_ call wide_to_multi before passing the argument on, but I would
rather not have to remember when and where it's necessary. Modifying
multi_to_wide feels more elegant.




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