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> Subject: [Win32utils-devel] Interest in win32-installer
> I was wondering if people would be interested in wrapping 
> msi.dll functionality,
> I've started writing a small library to enable enumeration of 
> products installed via Windows Installer using win32api (I 
> know I can also query via win32ole to win32_product but I 
> don't seem to get all the properties that are in msi.h).

I'm curious which properties you don't get. I did notice that there are
actually a few product related WMI classes.
> It's a little messy, and I've not got far as I'm pretty new 
> at ruby and win32 programming coming from mostly a 
> python/*nix background, so I thought I'd try to get some 
> early feedback. It's inspired by psmsi
> (http://www.codeplex.com/psmsi/) but I want to be able to get 
> installer information (and eventually information from an 
> msi) in ruby as it'd help towards getting a windows installer 
> puppet package provider.

If you want to use the Windows API directly, you could wrap the MSI
functions you need and call them. For example:

# Warning: untested code
require 'win32/api'
include Win32

MsiGetProductInfo = API.new('MsiGetProductInfo', 'PPPP', 'I', 'msi)

buf = 0.chr * 512 # Or whatever you need, depending on the property
buf_val = [buf.size].pack('L')

MsiGetProductInfo.call(some_product, some_property, buf, buf_val)

> I'm trying to think how best to test the code - based upon 
> looking at the tests in psmsi I was wondering if there is a 
> ruby library that would allow me to set up temporary keys in 
> the registry so I can actually set expectations/assertions on 
> known values for installed software - this should be possible 
> by abusing RegOverridePredefKey.

Ruby comes with a win32-registry library. I think you could use that.



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