[Win32utils-devel] Pure win32-thread library?

Daniel Berger djberg96 at gmail.com
Sun May 18 09:55:21 EDT 2008

Park Heesob wrote:
> Hi,
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> Subject: [Win32utils-devel] Pure win32-thread library?
>> Hi all,
>> Here's my initial stab at a pure Ruby win32-thread library that doesn't 
>> work at all. I'm not sure how to pass the start address of the arguments 
>> to the callback. I thought about Marshal, but you can't marshal a proc.
>> BTW, the CreateThread method in windows-pr needs to be updated for this 
>> to have any hope of success.
>> Any ideas?
> I think object_id and ObjectSpace._id2ref did the trick.
> After modifing CreateThread prototype as like this:
>       API.new('CreateThread', 'PLKPLP', 'L')
> Here is a working code:


Yes, that works, thanks! Now I'm remembering this post from Wayne way 
back in 2004:


So, anyone up for some sort of GC work to prevent multiple native 
threads from crashing the interpreter?



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