[Win32utils-devel] GetTempPath vs GetEnvironmentVariable vs getenv

Berger, Daniel Daniel.Berger at qwest.com
Mon Mar 24 11:32:04 EDT 2008

Hi all,
I discovered some interesting quirks with regards to getting environment
variable information on Windows. It's because 'TMP' is considered a
system environment variable, which you can't change with
SetEnvironmentVariable() according to the docs.
I also noticed that GetTempPath() returns a full path if you set the
value to a relative path.
Here's a little program that demonstrates what I'm talking about:
# Compare getenv/putenv, GetEnvironmentVariable/SetEnvironmentVariable
require 'windows/api'
include Windows
GetTempPath = API.new('GetTempPath','LP','L')
GetEnvironmentVariable = API.new('GetEnvironmentVariable', 'PPL', 'L')
SetEnvironmentVariable = API.new('SetEnvironmentVariable', 'PP', 'B')
Getenv = API.new('getenv', 'P', 'P', 'msvcrt')
Putenv = API.new('_putenv', 'P', 'I', 'msvcrt')
def get_env1(var)
# GetEnvironmentVariable
def get_env2(var)
   buf = 0.chr * 260
   GetEnvironmentVariable.call('TMP', buf, buf.length)
# GetTempPath, which looks for 'TMP' first
def get_env3
   buf = 0.chr * 260
   GetTempPath.call(buf.length, buf)
# getenv()
def get_env4(var)
puts get_env1('TMP') # C:\DOCUME~1\djberge\LOCALS~1\Temp
puts get_env2('TMP') # C:\DOCUME~1\djberge\LOCALS~1\Temp
puts get_env3        # C:\DOCUME~1\djberge\LOCALS~1\Temp\
puts get_env4('TMP') # C:\DOCUME~1\djberge\LOCALS~1\Temp
# Set 'TMP' using Ruby's ENV[]=
ENV['TMP'] = "C:\\foo\\bar"
puts "=" * 40
puts get_env1('TMP') # C:\foo\bar
puts get_env2('TMP') # C:\foo\bar
puts get_env3        # C:\foo\bar\
puts get_env4('TMP') # C:\DOCUME~1\djberge\LOCALS~1\Temp - oops
# Set 'TMP' using SetEnvironmentVariable
SetEnvironmentVariable.call('TMP', "C:\\zap")
puts "=" * 40
puts get_env1('TMP') # C:\zap
puts get_env2('TMP') # C:\zap
puts get_env3        # C:\zap\
puts get_env4('TMP') # C:\DOCUME~1\djberge\LOCALS~1\Temp - oops
# Set 'TMP' using putenv
puts "=" * 40
puts get_env1('TMP') # C:\blah
puts get_env2('TMP') # C:\blah
puts get_env3        # C:\blah\
puts get_env4('TMP') # C:\blah - ah, there we go
# Set 'TMP' to a relative path
puts "=" * 40
puts get_env1('TMP') # dan
puts get_env2('TMP') # dan
puts get_env3        # C:\Documents and Settings\djberge\My
Documents\dan - full
puts get_env4('TMP') # dan

The odd thing about TMP is that my shell value doesn't match the
registry setting. The 'set' output shows:
But the registry entry, under
Manager\Environment, is set to:
Anyway, just thought I'd share.

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