[Win32utils-devel] Sapphire

Daniel Berger djberg96 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 16:39:50 EST 2008

Wayne Vucenic wrote:
> Hi Dan,
> Congratulations!  I read through your docs, and this looks like a great 
> start!


> Would you be up for removing "fork" from Kernel?  IMHO, the standard 
> library (and especially Kernel and Object) should only contain methods 
> that have a good implementation (and I don't mean Cygwin) across _all_ 
> supported platforms.

I'm absolutely going to remove fork from Kernel. There will be 'unix' 
and 'windows' libraries with their own namespace. So, if you want 
Kernel#fork, you'll have to require 'unix/kernel' explicitly. There will 
  also be unix/file, windows/file, etc.

> I think it's fine for "fork" to be in some platform-specific library 
> (like one named Posix), but the problem with it being in Kernel is that 
> some programmers use it because it's there, and then are surprised that 
> they've written non-portable code without realizing it.

I agree. :)

BTW, I've setup a sapphire-core mailing list. Visit here for options:


I've also setup an IRC channel, #sapphire, on Freenode.



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