[Win32utils-devel] Replace DL with Windows-PR

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> Hello Guys,
> I'm was starring my screen for many hours before send this. 
> This is a problem related to Capistrano Pageant interface 
> witch rely on DL interfaces to communicate.
> The thing is this mechanism sometimes works, sometimes fail 
> by unknown reasons and sometimes segfault.
> Tried different versions of Ruby from 1.8.5-p114 to 
> 1.8.6-p114 with same results.
> The code in charge of this is located now in GitHub:
> http://github.com/jamis/net-ssh/tree/cdcb65ac9ed69be4ecaeed543
> 26b927c99e2075e/lib/net/ssh/authentication/pageant.rb
> When it fails?
> When you try to send two messages to the target window at the 
> same time, which is basically the way to communicate with Pageant.
> This happens when you try to connect and authenticate to two 
> or more servers at the same time.
> I tried sending a SMTO_BLOCK in SendMessageTimeout, all 
> without success.
> Looks like there is a corruption of data before that, but 
> that is making my eyes bleed. Even using Winspector to look 
> at the messages and failed.
> Do you think that migration from DL to Windows-PR will help 
> me pinpoint the bug? The code is not mine, but I'll love to 
> fix this since it's annoying (sometimes works, sometimes it doesn't).
> Thanks in advance for pointer and suggestions how to tackle 
> this problem.

Well, there's only one way to find out. :)

You could save yourself some effort by using win32-mmap, too. The only
function I noticed that you'll have to define yourself is

You can find FindWindow in the Windows::Window module. Note that I think
I'm going to reorganize that for 0.9.0 so that it's under the
Windows::Windowing:: namespace, because it seems like a better way to
organize the windowing related functions, e.g. Messages, Windows,
Timers, etc.



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